Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter...already? Bring me my sandals

I've always liked Thanksgiving because I've always liked Fall. Fall, however, is a very different season in California than it is in New York. This year on Thanksgiving day in Troy, NY the weather prediction is a high of 39 and a low of 29 with rain/snow showers. Pleasant (Ha!). The weather for Fresno, CA is predicted to come in with a high of 63, a low of 45 with partly cloudy skies. Awesome!

While I was growing up Thanksgiving usually consisted of my parents, my sister, my grandma and one uncle, a dog, a couple of cats and an outside activity. We would often play a combination of ping-pong and football and up until high school age my sister and I would ride around and around on our bikes, sometimes partaking in some roller skating or hopscotch (by high school, I was, of course, too cool for those activities, and way too cool, especially, to hang out with my little sister).

This year B is spending her first Thanksgiving with my family. We aren't headed to the warmer weathers of CA (boo), in fact, we are headed to the freezing land from which my parents originated....Pennsylvania. The weather there will be a balmy 35 on turkey day with snow showers. I doubt any of us will be ping-ponging in the backyard. I picture myself huddled next to the fire place with B in one hand and a strong drink in the other.

BUT, there is a light at the end of this cold cold tunnel. The light has a name and it is called "B and I in Antigua in 17 days." The weather in Antigua hovers around the 82 degree mark in mid December. Pack the bathing suits and sandals...bye bye snow showers...hello white sandy beaches and swim up bars.

Journal of a girl already honeymooning in her head


B. said...

Ahhhh, can't wait to be with my baby, soaking up some rays and drinking Margaritas!

Lizzie said...

Well, in Fresno, it is still very cold in my house! ;-)

That said, people are still wearing flip-flops. And I saw a guy walking down the street with his shirt off today. That's just crazy.