Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween with my wife

Halloween is awesome! It was great as a kid and is now great as an adult. B's Halloween started out by accompanying our little niece Samantha to a party. B was a sailor (half of our couple costume) and Sam was a mermaid.

After the mermaid and the sailor collected lots of candy, they returned to our house to be scared by 2 very scary black cats trying to cross their paths...

Our costume was inspired by this awesome picture I am sure you are all aware of:

We tried and tried to duplicate it, but it really didn't work that well. I look like a paper sack, all blobby and ghost-like. But, here are the best shots.

Look at my wife flirting with the next wedding dress she sees, shame, shame, shame...

Journal of a Happy Halloween!

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Rebecca said...

omgoodness, love the costumes!