Saturday, November 15, 2008

News Clips!

more to come...hopefully


N said...

So awesome! You two did a fantastic job in that interview!

Nancy said...

you go, girls! i so wanted to attend a rally but couldn't. i did, instead, at least, leave a comment on anderson cooper's blog in the discussion on prop 8. ha!

[i was so happy election day, but underneath was this intense sadness about prop 8]

see you both soon....

Luis said...

You guys rock!

Your sentiment was funny, I felt the same way too. I figured at some point my man and I would go to the county building, become domestic partners, and then we'd have dinner with a few friends at a local restaurant.

Then out of nowhere her comes marriage, and we got married, and suddenly that small get together wasn't enough to contain all the celebration a marriage warrants. Only a wedding would do.

I was at the protest in Downtown LA, it was big, but our wildfires really put a damper on attendance and media coverage. I am so inspired to see people across the country standing up.

This isn't some short lived thing, I think they've sparked the new gay rights movement, and we're living it!

Butch Jamie said...

This is so awesome! You're famous! :)