Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amazing Day!

Today was a very special and monumental day in our lives and in the history of the gay movement. I am so proud that this awesome movement was put together so quickly and was celebrated so widely across the country. No on Prop 8!

B and I woke up early today so that we could make signs and prepare for what we would say to the crowd in front of City Hall in Albany. We had been asked to say a few words about being married in California - to tell our story. B wrote down the sweetest speech and delivered it with emotion and inspiration:

My wife Leah and I got married on October 25th. It was beautiful and the best day of my life. Then, on Novemebr 4th, the voters in California decided to take that right away. I watched with tears in my eyes as bit by bit the percentage of votes for "yes" went up but the "no" percentage did not. I have experienced hatred before, someone yelling names at me on the street. But this felt far worse. It saddened me, and then it made me angry. To allow a majority to vote on a minority issue is infuriating. To allow discrimination to be written into the constitution is an abomination. I am here today to unite with others around the country who share this view. I am here today to ask NY to do the right thing and pass marriage equality legislation. I am here today to show that my marriage does not in any way threaten yours. I am here today to say that I love my wife!

I then grabbed the bullhorn and blabbed a little about being a native Californian and how proud I was when the CA Supreme Court granted me the right to marry...and how equally unproud I was of the people of California who then took that right away. My speech was not nearly as touching and crowd rousing as B's speech but together we stood up in front of the crowd and told our story. I was proud of us. I was proud to stand next to my wife and fight for our rights.

B and I will also be on the news tonight doing interviews as "the couple that got married in California". Check out this local article: The Record.

Journal of a girl filled with feelings of hope and community

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Eva said...

nice job kids...

I'm proud of you guys :)