Monday, December 29, 2008

Today I am 1 - yippee!

Hey Aunties, today I am 1!

Hey grandma and grandpap, today I am 1!

Hey daddy, today I am 1!

Hey mommy, today I am 1!

Hey great-grandma, today I am 1!

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A reprieve from all the honeymoon postings to introduce the new additions to our foster kitty household: The Kittens....

Kittens are very hard to take pictures of because they never stop moving. They aren't quite walking yet, but they do a combo walk, slide, crawl as they try to control their little legs. Bella is the mom cat and she had 5 beautiful little babies, all versions of her grey and white coloring . We don't know the sex of each yet because we just can't determine the difference between a sack and a hole ... it's harder than it sounds. So, the babies don't have names yet.

In other non-honeymoon related news B and I had a very mellow Christmas day here at Casa S (holy moly, I took B's last name and now we are B & L S! I've changed my driver license, my credit cards, my bank account, my paychecks and tomorrow I will get a new SS card. It's still sinking in but I like being unified. Hello, welcome to Casa S, I am Ms. S). On Christmas eve B surprised me by bringing home a Christmas tree! Things had been so busy that we hadn't had time to pick one out and as I was settling in for a long night's study session* it dawned on me that it was Christmas eve and we didn't have a single decoration in our house. Since B is such a wonderfully attentive wife, she realized this before I did and spent all morning (while at work) looking for a tree.

So my Christmas eve turned into a tree decorating party with the family. We turned up the Christmas music, drank spiked egg nog and had a gay old time (all cats were included in the festivities).

On Christmas day

we opened a few presents,

baked pumpkin bread

and B made peanut butter balls for my birthday.

We also saw the movie Milk

and spent some quality time in bed together (picture not available).

*Last Sunday I started the grueling study process for the California bar exam. Not fun. But, I somehow have to make a living when we move to sunny Cali., so why not practice law and make something of myself.

Journal of a wannabe writer

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Honeymoon Part IV

Happy Holidays to all those who celebrate any type of holiday during these cold winter months. On December 25 I just happened to celebrate four holidays: my birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah and my two month wedding anniversary. Happy celebration to all of you.

The honeymoon wrap-up continues...The only time B and I left the resort was for our shopping extravaganza in the little town of St. John. It turned out to not be such an extravaganza because 1. we didn't buy much and 2. the little town was VERY little. Our cabbie dropped us off and came back 2.5 hours later, about an hour after we were bored to death and hot and could think of nothing else but a drink of something cold and full of alcohol. We were glad to see him when he rolled up.

And that's it for the town.

Dinner that night was at my favorite restaurant, Mario's. They had delicious appetizers, salads and desserts. Mario's also had the best breakfast buffet at the resort.

mmmmm, a mimosa at breakfast...

And, of course B and I danced whenever we could (with other people):

and with eachother:

That's it for now!
Journal of an employed blogger (that's right, I got a job! yippee!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Honeymoon Part III

For the next couple of days we lounged by the pools, swam in the ocean and ate and drank a lot. It was difficult at first to get used to eating 3 full meals per day. But, we didn't want to miss out on any of the restaurants, so breakfast, lunch and dinner it was, everyday. Every evening we dressed for dinner, which was very nice.

**I know** not the best picture, but I love when B dresses up.

Our dinner the second night was at a teppanyaki restaurant - very good.

When we got in from dinner that night we found these little birds on our bed.

They were accompanied by a note wishing us a happy honeymoon and treating us to breakfast in bed the next morning! We were to fill in the menu choices and hang the note on our door to be picked up. So sweet.

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast brought to our room. We dined on our little balcony. What a way to start the day. My paradise was getting better and better.

By our second day we had discovered our favorite lunchtime restaurant: Barefoot by the Sea. Beautiful view of the water and deep deep beach sand to bury your feet in while eating.

We also discovered the great nighttime entertainment hosted by our friend Onika every evening after dinner. There were at least 2 Caribbean bands every night and most often some type of game or dancing. B and I love to dance, so we, of course got out on the dance floor when we heard "time to learn Caribbean dancing!"

Now, let me tell you a little about Sandals - the fame and fortune comes from running resorts for couples, straight couples only, until a few years ago. So, naturally we were the only lesbian couple running around that week. Most every game and activity Sandals does seems to be broken into girl groups and guy groups. We don't especially fit into these categories, but we play along anyway and B gets to be one of the guys.

So, 'How to Dance like a Caribbean' is split into girls and guys groups. We all learn the same moves as we stand across from each other and then are joined back up with our partner to shimmy down the center aisle together. FUN! Until there is a dance competition for "King" and "Queen". We decided to opt out because B didn't want to compete with the guys...she's so good she didn't want the resort to have to crown a "King" with boobies.

A few days later we didn't opt out when the Sandals version of the Newlywed game was played. Ahhh, yeah! Guess who won - yep, the lesbians. We were the only team out of 6 teams to get a perfect score. It helps when you talk to your wife about EVERYTHING. I knew exactly how to fill in the blanks when B was asked her favorite activity: putting her ____ on my ____. The lesbians squashed the straights in the Newlywed game. Squashed! I am sure the straights learned a thing or two from us. And, I was amazed to learn that so may guys like to put their "privates" on their partner's back. See, we can all learn something from each other if we just listen.

Journal of a curious lesbian

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Honeymoon Part II

...we headed out from our room to discover the gorgeous pool with swim up bar located on our side of the resort. The resort really has two distinctive sides, the Caribbean Village and the Mediterranean Village. We stayed on the Med. side which is much newer (built in 2007), much more grand, much more hotel-like. I liked the newness of it but I also really enjoyed the ambience of the Caribbean side. We were greeted by this gorgeous scene when we approached the pool.

After swimming around a bit and drinking quite a bit at the swim up bar we decided to take advantage of the concierge service and make our dinner reservations for the week. Four of the nine restaurants require reservations. No reservations were available for the first night so we ended up at one of the no-reservation restaurants, Bayside. It was an open-air restaurant and had a gorgeous view of the beach and the ocean. This is an inside view and it seems that it's all we took of Bayside:

A little pond and waterfall just outside the restaurant:

We went back a few days later and climbed to a little balcony just to the side of Bayside and tried to get the two of us with the spectacular background:

After dinner we spent a short time at the bar and then headed to bed. I was in paradise: the perfect girl and the perfect setting!

Journal of a Happy Hanukkah!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Honeymoon Part I

We're back!!! Goodbye Antigua (paradise), hello New York (snowy cold iceberg). I won't linger on the huge storm we dug ourselves out of this morning or the equally large storm that will keep us buried tomorrow, I will only linger on the incredibly awesome, romantic and beautiful week that was our honeymoon. Here's the first shot of Antigua from the airplane - it's not upside down, so don't try to tell me it is! That is water, not the sky. I know, overwhelming. (Our resort is on the left).

We were greated with champagne and hors' d'oeuvres and a cold towel when we first arrived at Sandals. It was da bomb! We had these cute green shirts that Darcy made for us - we wore them all day long while flying and we loved them. This is the best picture we have of them :( The back of B's shirt said Just and the back of my shirt said Married. Aha, how cute! But, no pics of the backs. Boo.

After munching on snacks and drinking glasses of champagne we were led to our room. Loved the room! Beautiful bed, fabulous bathroom, fully stocked bar and cute little balcony.

The view from our balcony.

After falling in love with our room and the weather (warm and soothing) we put on our bathing suits and hopped outside to explore. We discovered the pools, the drinks and the beach...

Journal of [a] to be continued...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Honeymoon, oh rainy honeymoon

Honeymoon, oh rainy honeymoon, here we come.

B and I spent last evening packing. I don't like packing at all and I really don't like unpacking. I have a hard enough time trying to control all of my clothes from day to day. But having a large group of clothes sitting in a suitcase ready to be unpacked is pure torture. Until I met B my clothes would languish in piles for an embarassingly long time. Most of the clothes I wear everyday are dry clean only, this means that I can't simply throw them in the hamper. That would be easy, that would be quick, that would be do-able. But, I have to actually decide if they need to be hung up or taken to the dry cleaners, which I don't do (take them to the dry cleaners that is).

Enter the selective OCD of B. Once she starts something (that's the hard part) she does a tremendous, very detailed job of it. Lucky for me she has taken control of the laundry and my piles. Yipeee! B also just happened to have a dry clean at home kit. Love it. Love her. Now I don't have to pretend I am going to take my clothes to the cleaners anymore. My pile problems are slowly dissolving. Marriage is great!

A little good cheer:

This is really one of my favorite photos. Amy has been a part of my life since third grade and I love how this picture conveys her happiness for us and her acceptance of us. Amy and I have the kind of friendship that allows us to pick up the phone at any time, ask anything, tell anything and be whoever we are at the moment, even if we haven't talked in months. I like that. Amy is sweet, stubborn, level-headed and fighting, just like the rest of us, to make her life the best it can be, but most of all she is a loyal friend. I like that. Hi Aim!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Inspiration v Reality

I started this post yesterday and hoped that I could come up with some great inspiration v reality dichotomies to share. I have realized, however, that I don't have access to all of our wedding pictures yet and that fact is making it difficult to find reality pics. So, behold the few inspiration v reality concoctions. And then just some plain inspiration.

Inspiration cake:

In reality:

Inspiration tie:

In reality:

Inspiration lanterns:

In reality:

Just plain inspiration:

Inspiration for romance:

Inspiration to make those who love you proud:

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