Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boo on those...

I couldn't write yesterday because I was feeling sad and let-down. I share the feelings of many of my fellow bloggers; I couldn't even muster much happiness for Obama's victory.

On Tuesday the democrats in 7 counties in NY chose a new judge to sit on the Supreme Court. This saddens me because it wasn't an informed decision. Now a hard-working judge that has served New York honorably will no longer be a voice in our Appellate Division.

Boo on all the democrats who voted without educating themselves.
Boo on all those who voted us out of a job without knowing what kind of job we did.

Boo on all the Californians who voted yes on 8 without educating themselves.
Boo on those who believed the lies about marriage being taught in school.
Boo on those who believe in taking away another person's rights.
Boo on those who think it is a detriment to society when I marry, become monogamous to and build a family with the person I love.
Boo on those who do not understand the definition of equal.
Boo on those who fear their god and think I should fear mine.

Journal of a resounding Boo

3 comments: said...

Oh no... I'm sorry about you and your boss' job. :(

brenda said...

Boo on those who interpret the bible to meet their needs.

I love you, wife.

Amy said...

Did you hear about the protests in LA and San Fran yesterday? I hope in some way they help. Also, a recount should be demanded. We are so mad and I should just say "boo" as well because we have been saying much worse the last day.

Are people really that insecure in their own marriages that they could really feel threatened by two men or two women marrying? So pathetic.