Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's laugh a little at the situation

I found this over here.

Prop 8? More like Prop Hate. My heart goes out to our friends in Cali. At this point it feels like you Californian gays are in an abusive relationship with your government. A few years ago you & Cali were all up on each other in San Fran. It got real hot & heavy, and then she threw you out. She was so into you a few months ago, but now the bitch has left you again. When will this back-and-forth be done for good? One minute you two are married, the next minute, she’s taking back her proposal and asking for an annulment. Who does that? California clearly has a lot of issues.

At least New York is like “Listen, I can’t marry you. I’m in a weird place. I understand if you need to go elsewhere. If you come back here, I’ll totally be your friend, but I’m not ready to get serious, so we can’t do this yet. If you’re ok with just hanging out, having great sex and kicking it with my friends, I’m totally your girl. But if you want more than that, you should totally move (on).” And she’s totally upfront about it. We know if we want a serious relationship, we can hop on over to CT, MA, or NJ. But NY is happy to be our steady, and she’s a GREAT TIME. She’s not hateful, she’s not waffling, she isn’t making promises she can’t keep. New York is taking it slow. I can dig that.

Journal of an optimist

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Anonymous said...

That made my day, NY does sound like a good time!