Monday, November 3, 2008

While I wait patiently....

I want to see my wedding pictures! Yes, I do! But, I have to wait patiently for our photographer to work his magic on, patiently I wait...

As I am waiting, I find out that B has won a cruise. Yes, my lovely wife won an Olivia cruise THAT WE CANNOT TAKE! The cruise leaves in 3 weeks, ummmm, really short notice. The notification of B's winning came 2 weeks after we booked our honeymoon, TWO WEEKS. Why couldn't they have told us sooner, just a couple weeks sooner, and then we would be going on an Olivia Cruise honeymoon, FOR FREE*! UHHHH, I am upset, and waiting for my wedding pictures gets harder and harder the more upset I get. I can't believe we have to say no to a free* cruise.

On another sour note, tomorrow is election day and I am nervous. Tomorrow holds the potential to knock me two blows; I may lose my job and I may lose my marriage.** I have high hopes that Obama will win...if that doesn't happen, well then, three potential blows for me. It would not be a good day.

It always makes me smile to see a noodle strategically placed on my nephew's head.

Journal of a patient (NOT) blogger

*Free, as everyone knows, does not mean free. It means $477/pp plus airfare. It actually makes me feel better that it would have cost us money.

**I will definitely lose my job if my boss is not re-elected, but I probably won't lose my marriage if Prop 8 passes. I said that mostly for affect. My educated guess is that my marriage will stand, even if other same-sex couples will no longer be able to enter into civil marriage as we were. Which, of course, blows.


christina said...

we'll be praying that the election goes your way--job & marriage!!

we waited (NOT patiently) for about a month for our photos, but it was so worth it. can't wait to see your pics!

Ryan said...

You've got my vote, ladies!

And keep being patient! It'll be well worth it ;)

Amy said...

I am about ready to jump out of my own skin! The election is giving me an anxiety attack.
Driving home after an appointment today I saw a HUGE NO on 8 demonstration! I almost hit the car infront of me I was so excited.
My dear sweet hus is just as fired up about Prop 8 as I am. said...

What? She won a FREE one and you can't go??


I feel you on the being upset part.

God I hope tonight brings good news.