Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The suit that suits

Temporarily recovering from my cold on Saturday, B and I took a trip to the incredibly awesome Woodbury Common Outlets in grand old Central Valley, NY. We were looking for one thing, and one thing only (although I did get two things not on the list) a suit for B for our wedding, which, is only 81 days away!

We've gone through many ideas about how and where we would get her a suit. Our first idea was to rent a tux, just as most grooms do. Easy, right? Lots of colors and styles to choose from and the cost is pretty reasonable. We decided on the Men's Wearhouse because their many locations would allow us to get measured here in NY and pick up the tux in CA. But, it wasn't pretty when we went to the store and actually tried the jackets on B. She was drowning. She looked like she has the littlest miniest head ever, and it was not attractive. The nice gentleman helping up told us that that was the smallest size they had that would accomodate her hips. B has the opposite shape of a man and it showed in that jacket. We were discouraged. She really wanted to wear a men's tux, or at least a men's suit.

We decided to try purchasing a suit instead. We could then alter it so that it wouldn't be so large in the shoulders. If this didn't work, B might have to wear a women's suit (blah) and she for sure didn't want to do that.

We started our day at the Outlets in a torrential downpour. It was raining and windy and our shared umbrella turned inside out. Not fun. But we made it to our first store, Armani. Nice stuff. Expensive stuff. Too big on B stuff. That theme continued for the next 10 stores or so. Nothing fit. Even though we planned to tailor the jacket, it's still so hard to picture it when it doesn't look good on. My imagination doesn't work that well.

BUT THEN, like the sun shining through a cloudy sky, we see SARAR. Sarar? What? Never heard of it. I've never done much Turkish suit shopping at prices above the $1,000 mark, so perhaps that is why I've never heard of Sarar. Maybe you have? They also like lesbians at Sarar, or are really good at pretending they do.

Voila! We bought a suit! We love it. Here it is on my gorgeous girl:

Journal of a girl marrying a hot butch


Anonymous said...

WOW!! That looks great. I am so happy for you guys. Your girl looks good ;)

Tina-cious.com said...

Damn girl you aren't kiddin'!! :)

Yay you guys!! :)

Anonymous said...

And it looks that great right off the rack? (This next part is from heaven cause that's where I died and went to.) Seriously, though. It was a thousand? I can start saving, truly . . .

Eva said...


Brenda, the hot butch said...

The umbrella part was actually pretty funny, hahaha. Love the suit.