Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Diggin' the Details

Yesterday signaled 2 months until the wedding! AAAHHH! I am so excited to be legally married to B; a little nervous about the big day, but mostly excited. I am also so happy to announce that 2 of B's sisters will be coming!! I haven't mentioned it here on the wedding blog because I like to keep things light and cheery, but I have had a really hard time dealing with the fact that none of B's family was going to make it to the wedding. Some by choice, but most by circumstance. Now, I can smile and toss off the huge weight that has been sitting on my shoulders. Guilt, anger, sadness, bye bye. Take a hike. I welcome the hopefulness and happiness that Sherry and Darcy bring. Thank you!

We haven't focused much on the details of the day, but it's about time to get started. First off, we have hired our former dance teacher to choreograph our first dance. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. We want something with pizazz and oomph! and so we chose Queen Latifah's remake of "I Love Being Here With You" from her Trav'lin' Light album. It's hot and jazzy and swingy and perfect for us. Our favorite dance is the swing and who better to swing to than the Queen!

Decorations haven't come very far for us. No flowers or centerpieces or ceremony chuppah/arch. I think my mom may have some of these solar glowing pool lights but I am not sure. If so, AWESOME!

I know FOR SURE that she did not purchase these huge jellyfish:

I still hope to find a bunch of these beautiful paper lanterns to hang from the trees - in lots of different colors, of course. These are solar powered - Da Bomb!

This gorgeous photograph taken by our photographer conveys the feeling I'd like to elicit from the lighting.

I will hopefully have some pictures of the table linens and place settings soon. My mom was sent on a mission and she has only half completed it thus far. Let's go mamma!

Journal of a grateful daughter/sister/lover


B. said...

Baby, our wedding is going to be Da Bomb!

Amy said...

Is Cynthia Merrill going to be your dance instructor? AHHHHH! That will be so awesome!

christina said...

i got those solar lanterns, too, they are awesome! they are not very bright, so if you need light to see, i'd pair these with something else...but they have a beautiful, amber glow. i had them hanging from the string lights & they looked amazing!