Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Price - the best part, and I left it out

One of the joys of shopping at outlet stores is that the prices are slashed. One can buy an awesome pair of jeans for half the designer price - or, in our case, a designer suit for half the price. If we walked into Sarar on Madison Avenue, we'd probably pay $2,000 and up for a suit. But, we walked into Woodbury Commons where the prices are generally half that. On top of that, Sarar was running a sale. Buy 1 suit, get 2 free, or 50% off of one suit. We went with the latter b/c I don't know how B would get use out of 3 suits. So, we got 50% off of the outlet price, and then I had a coupon for another 10% off. Add it all up (or subtract it, like I like to do) and we walked away with a suit for under $450. And, yes, one that fit!

Journal of a thrifty girl

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