Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And what a Fabulous Weekend it was

Wedding thoughts and actions were put on hold this weekend while B and I entertained the family. My parents visited from California and picked up my aunt along the way in Pennsylvania. We had a gay old time - plenty of alcohol, conversation, touristy things and fun!

On Saturday, we indulged B's fascination with the Roosevelts (Eleanor, to be exact) and traveled to Hyde Park to visit the lifelong home of FDR.

The house was pretty nice, but the grounds and the library were my favorite. Franklin and Eleanor are both buried in the rose garden on the grounds (Roosevelt = 'field of roses' in Dutch). Here we are chatting away with them just outside the library:

Roses from the garden:

B and I planned a little shindig on Sunday for our 2 families to meet. We went to the horse races at Saratoga Racetrack for a little betting and eating. It rained, and poured, and then rained a little more. Then it attempted to dry up and we may have seen the sun for about 1.3 seconds - but it didn't rain again and that made us happy. B and I even won $22 on a single race. Yee Haw!

In other news: my dress is scheduled to arrive TODAY! And I bought some shoes. They are a little bright and may not look very good, but they were on clearance for $7 and I couldn't let them get away. They are red and metallic!

Journal of a blogger who is ready for some California weather

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could sit by Eleanor & FDR and get a picture taken! Next time we MUST visit Eleanor's home....

It was a great visit -- love your home and your kitties. Thank you for everything.