Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our nice little place is BIG when it has to be cleaned

My parents are making their debut at our place this Friday night. They visited me many times while I was in law school, but this will be their first visit to OUR place. I am excited to have them and to show them the nice little place B and I call home.

But, everyone knows what has to happen when the parents come visiting - yep, cleaning. And I don't mean just dusting a little here and there and picking up the clothes spread around the house, I mean CLEANING and SCRUBBING and MOPPING. Fortunately, B decided to stay home from work today and complete the cleaning that was started last Sunday.

Oh, and cleaning also means decorating. Last night we (OK, B) hung up a few odds and ends on the walls - things like mirrors and pictures. Some of our walls were kind of bare. It's looking pretty good now. The parents will be impressed, that is, if they can cut through the humidity long enough to drag themselves around the house for a tour. I am doubtful; they are from California, you know, where everyday is beautiful and kind of weather free. Speaking of CA, here are some awesome pictures B took of Lake Tahoe:

Journal of an excited daughter

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