Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Details, Details, they really make the party?

B and I knew we didn't want little people, or animals or even flowers at the top of our cake. We thought our cake would just go topless at the wedding until I discovered this awesome etsy seller and her magnificent designs. Now our cake will not be topless! I wouldn't mind having the initial of our last name (yes, I will be taking B's last name) but that didn't jive with B and so she suggested an L and a B, separated by an ampersand. I dig it.

If I had a daughter and she was turning two - this would be on the top of her cake, for my pure enjoyment:

I love all of the above designs but of course the artist customs makes these, so we have to decide what we like. Aaah! I sometimes have a hard time creating my own ideas. I operate better when I have 5 to choose from, and 5 only. I don't operate well in creative infinity. I may just say, "bright colors and polka dots, go!" and see what she creates.

These are the 2 cake designs we love. Our cake may be a combination of the two of them. Can you picture those cute toppers? BTW, there will be no flowers on the cake.

On another happy note, the invitations are out! Yee haw! They turned out beautifully and I am so proud of the work that went into them. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way. Now we sit and wait and hope that some people will want to attend this gay ol' shindig.

And on an equally awesome note - my dress finally came in!! It's gorgeous and perfect and I would post pictures here, but B is not allowed to see me in it and she faithfully reads this little journal so that she can know what the hell is going on with all this wedding planning.

Journal of a girl counting down the days

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Anonymous said...

So excited for you getting the invites out! Love the cake toppers too!