Friday, August 29, 2008

Dreaming in Color

Love, love, love this tie. It's bright and striped and gorgeous and would fit right in with our wedding colors. But, what color shirt would look good with it? I refuse to have B wear a white shirt. I just don't like white shirts. But, I do understand that a light solid background would really enhance the colors in the tie. The search is on for a tie and a shirt for my beloved. My dream shirt, however, is still a bright orange or maybe even a green. Wowza!

In other news: we are going white water rafting this weekend! Ahhhh, yeah!!!

Journal of good swimmer (hopefully)

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Desaray said...

Can I just say that I would never pick your colors, but I love every single thing you put up? You know, like, people who have different taste than you, but do their taste SO well? You are those people to me. I have a new-found and much-appreciated excitment for candy colors!