Friday, May 9, 2008

very first post on my very first blog...kind of

I have posted on a blog once before: I liked it, it was relevant, it was specific, and it is now pasted below.

Since I posted my very first blog ever, things have changed. Not drastically, but significantly. Three days ago I finally let out a breath that I had been holding since February. I passed the bar exam! Now I can begin the rest of my life. Whatever that means.

Journal of a happy girl.

First post ever: Tuesday April 29, 2008 (I know...not that long ago)

Intro: I will begin at the beginning. I first met my girlfriend (partner, fiance, hotgurl, whatever you prefer; I prefer girlfriend) at a dance club. She spotted me through the crowd of sweaty dancers and decided to start dancing her way toward me. I saw her moving SLOWLY in my direction and after what seemed like too long to keep her hanging, I scooted on over to her and started our life together.

Fast forward two years: she asked me to marry her while we danced the waltz in our dining room.

Present: Waiting for the funds from the folks to kick in before I really start planning. I don't want to fall in love with ideas that I won't be able to bring to fruition.

First bridal show: last Sunday we went to our first show and it wasn't too bad. I don't have a fear of being the only lesbians in the room, but it always crosses my mind because it is always true. So, of course we were the only lesbians in a very hetero setting, doing a very hetero thing - researching our wedding. Just as a background note, lesbians cannot get married in this great state of NY, legally married that is, some think marriage can be a state of mind, some think marriage takes place only in a church, some think marriage is a piece of paper and some don't think about marriage at all. I don't know exactly what marriage is yet, but whatever it is, I want it!

While at the show, I got asked if I was the bride about a thousand times. I don't think my girl was ever asked, but I always answered that yes, I was the bride, and so was she. Reactions varied, some people were clueless as to what that meant, others didn't care as long as we had a credit card with an unlimited balance and some were very quick to tell us about the last civil union they participated in, one lady was even as specific as to say that her venue had a civil union there two Octobers ago. I can't decide if that is good or not.

Whatever the reaction of the person behind the table, we grabbed the info and the free stuff, wrote our names on the card to win whatever the prize was, and headed to the next table. So far, we have both won a third prize $300 coupon for laser treatments of any sort, and I have received three 'nice to meet you at the bridal show' emails. No grand prize winnings yet, but I am still waiting.

My favorite table was the one that handed out champagne and petit fours. I don't know who they were but the champagne made an impression and put a smile on my face.

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Eva said...

I *CANNOT* believe you've been holding out on me...


welcome to the world of blogging!!!

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