Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy First Mother's Day

Yesterday was my sister's first mother's day. I couldn't be with her or with my own mother, but today she sent me some pictures and so this post is in honor of mothers. Some may even consider me a mother, although I am not a mother in the typical sense. I have a cat and he considers me his mother; I even got a Mother's Day card from the cat (via the magical brain of my girlfriend).

This is Huey - he is my baby and acts like a very typical cat on most days. He is 7 and is on a diet.

This is my sister on a windy day with her little giant. He has been around since the end of December. He was supposed to be born on my birthday so that we could have an undeniable connection right away, but he waited longer than I would have liked and missed my birthday by 4 days. Now I will have to foster a connection via a different route - such as being a totally bad-ass aunt (awww yeah!!)

Journal of a cat mom and a very cool aunt in the making

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Anonymous said...

can't wait til November to see this new baby -- I hope they (and you two) are coming for Thanksgiving????