Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lots of blabbering

Today is my last full day as a foster mom to my little kittens. Tomorrow I take them to the adoption clinic hoping that they will find their forever homes. B and I are going to keep little Frankie as our own since we only have one cat at home. Tonight we are going to attempt to take a family photo - I'll post the results (DO NOT have high hopes that we can corral all 4 kittens and possibly Huey to sit by us and have a picture taken).

Now that California has enacted a non-discrimination policy as to marriage, B and I really want to travel to my home state and GET MARRIED FOR REAL. Since my parents and my sister live there we can go anytime and do it, but we are so super excited that we may just do it when we are visiting Tahoe in July (aaahhhh!!!, don't tell anyone) Our options are:

#1 to rush into it and see if we can do it in July (spontaneous, fun, not romantic). One of the major reasons to do it so soon is fear that the Court's ruling will get overturned by the voters if a constitutional amendment is placed on the November ballot. If we get married before November our marriage may still be valid, even if there is later an amendment to the constitution (I don't really know if this is true, or not, but the situation differs from my first marriage [yep, married before, when Portland Oregon was allowing it], in that the Oregon Courts hadn't specifically allowed same-sex marriage and so when put to a vote by the people, the same-sex marriages that had been performed became void).

#2 to wait until March/April and plan something small and intimate in my parent's garden (planned, intimate, romantic)
The risk of waiting until after the election is that we may not have the chance to get married legally at all. But, the amendment could not even get on the ballot, or if it does, may not even pass.

In addition to all the California talk, we are still having a ceremony and reception here on the East Coast, most likely Vermont. Vermont has some awesome old barns and I REALLY like old barns. Check out my wedding planning bio here.

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Eva said...

awwww... so cute!!! i didn't know you guys had a wedding page set up already!

we're ready for the party!! we've got our dancing shoes polished and ready to go! bring on the foxtrot!