Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Camping is not all that is making me fat

We have returned from our Extravaganza, and I am still standing, a little bruised, but still standing. I am not sold on the idea of camping but I now have a greater appreciation for some things: beautifully built campfires, air mattresses, body heat, fresh pine tree air, and most of all modern plumbing. My experience has also confirmed some things I do not like: hordes of children EVERYWHERE, perpetually dirty hands, hurricane force winds, outhouses.

We had fairly good weather for the Extravaganza, but here in NY State, each day is different. I don't recommend spending the night outside when the temperature dips into the 40s. It gets pretty cold and the cold seeps into your body from the cold buggy ground no matter how many blankets you have. I firmly believe that B's body heat kept me alive that first night. I am not fond of near death experiences.

During the day the sun came out and warmed things up quite a bit - but then the winds kicked in and sucked the heat from the air - aaahhh, camping, gotta love it.

Not all of my experiences were bad. I sat in the sun reading, I played bingo, I lost again at Chronology (that damn game; I have such a love/hate relationship with it) and I sat by the campfire and toasted marshmallows (highly recommended). I found the time to play with some cute kids and I found the time to eat A LOT. I think I am gaining all the weight that B is losing. It is flying off of her body and getting sucked onto mine via chips and candy and cookies and cake and marshmallows by the dozen. She is on a super weight loss program and has lost 13 pounds so far (go baby! you look f***ing HOT!) With the way things are going, I am going to have to start the program when she finishes.

I have no awesome pictures to post of our camping extravaganza due to the fact that B has re-gifted her mom's camera back to her mom. She even wrapped it up and pretended it was a gift - such a silly girl.

Can I just say how much more excited I am by the California Supreme Court ruling than I am by camping. I am also much more excited about some pots and pans we recently bought than I am by camping, but...camping isn't so bad if you keep good company and avoid the bugs (which by the way are everywhere, just like the hordes of children).

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