Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pride and Bride

Pride: This past weekend I saw tons and tons of gay people at NYC Pride. It was awesome! I will post some pictures when the time is right (aka, when I actually get some time). NYC Pride has such a fantastically long parade that the sky actually had time to rain about 5 different times, with huge blocks of hot dry sun in between the downpours. I'd say we started watching about 1 pm and at 6:30 the last gay parader crossed the finish line. Long? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Even in the pouring rain? Yes.

Bride: Hot damn! B and I picked out our menu last night. I like food, I like food, a lot, but I really like drinks. We have decided on a signature drink, as it's called, sounds awfully pretentious to me - it's just a mojito, but whatever. Batches of this signature drink will be mixed up for our guests (umm, me) to enjoy! Can't wait. The freshness, the mintyness, the rumness, I can just taste it now. I can just see it now.....

However, in order for me not to fall over from too many signature drinks, we also have to have food. I plan on choosing the steak from our selection of steak, salmon, and vegetarian (hmmm, I don't actually know what the vegetarian option is, I didn't even bother to read the description, note to self: read the description. Shows how interested I am in that option). B plans on choosing the salmon. And, I hope everyone chooses the salmon or the veg, because they are less expensive than my savory steak. Look at me: trying to help the folks protect their pocketbook.

B and I have also chosen our photographer! I am even more excited about him than I am about the signature drink (odd). His work is gorgeous and he is looking forward to shooting his first same-sex wedding (yes, I like the term same-sex wedding more than gay wedding too, girls: Board Name Change). As I have said before in this journal, I love color! And so does our photographer. Check out his blog too:

This weekend B and I are off to Maine to be wedding guests. I have to remember not to inundate B with wedding talk or she may open the car door and quietly drop out during our 7.5 hour drive.

Journal of a signature drink blogger.


Anonymous said...

those *are* great photos!

Eva said...

ok stupid question... all of this is for your october wedding, right?

how about the new york wedding for all of us poor folk who can't make it out to cali?

awww I'm so sad we can't be there to celebrate with you guys...

I love mojitos :)