Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am cursed with a dislike for shoe shopping

I am trying to find a shoe to wear with my dress that doesn't make me a giant. As a reminder, here is what my dress looks like:

Click here to see a better picture.

I want to wear flat shoes and I want them to look good. Here are two that I really like, but I want them in Gold.

The second pair is only $10. That price rocks - should I spray paint them, can I spray paint them?

Journal of an undecided spray painter


Eva said...

I vote for gold flip flops... that dress is long so no one will see your shoes anyway!

Anonymous said...

Your dress is beautiful! Man, I love that. As for the shoes. Humm..... for $10 I guess you could try to paint them and see what happens. I like what eva suggested about flip flops though. Or some kind of strappy sandal. Do you like the way your feet look? That could be cool and then you could paint your toes.

Anonymous said...

Baby, do not spray paint them, ugh. I am sure we can find a pair of cool gold flats at Woodbury Commons. Love you!

Eva said...

I still like the flip flop idea... like these:

or if you want something a little fancier, then how about these:

Amy said...

You have to wear flip flops ... it was the single best decision I made ... as well as marrying Denis!

My mom thought the flip flops were crazy, but my feet didn't!

Look at http://www.havaianasus.com/womens-sandals/

They are so comfortable! You find a gold pair you like and I will BUY them for you!