Monday, July 14, 2008

Invitations....this feels big

Over the weekend B and I decided on our invitations. I am not very crafty, but I pretend to be, and so in my pretending, we have decided to totally make all the invitations ourselves. I can't pretend, however, that I came up with the design (thank you, Michael's Book of Wedding Crafts) but B and I will pick out the colored paper and make each invitation one-of-a-kind. If I could find a picture of the inspiration invitations I would post it, but I don't have a scanner and so, you will just have to wait to see the works in progress, when we get to that step.

We are headed west next week to visit the ever lovely Lake Tahoe with my family. If B and I can get everything together for the invites, we will employ my mom and sister (and dad and brother-in-law, if they want to humor us) in the beginning stages of the invitation making process. This consists of cutting the cardstock to match the template from the book and then attaching the colored paper to the cardstock. The shape of the invitation will look like this:

We will then attach (not sure how yet) pieces of gorgeous paper to each of the flaps. The paper can all be different, the same, themed (such as stripes) or whatever. I like color and chaos and fun brightness. Here are some awesome papers we like:

We will then have to print out the text of the invitation on 5x7 cardstock and stick it in the middle. We haven't done the printing yet, that will happen after the whirlwind week of putting all the colorful invites together. After we stick the printed text card into the center of the folded thing, we will wrap a brightly colored ribbon around it and put it in an envelope. Hopefully ones that look like something like these:

Journal of a Do It Yourselfer.


Anonymous said...

Baby, I love your blog. And you are very creative.


Anonymous said...

consider these *stolen*