Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I should be ashamed..."Love is all you need" has not always been the policy

My fellow blogger desaray at Dingmoonment has pointed out that that there is one more glaring thing wrong with the Sandals establishment. I have to admit, I missed it, totally missed the whole fact that Sandals used to have a ban on same-sex couples. Ouch! The ban was lifted in 2004, and since that time gay couples have been allowed to frolic on the Caribbean beaches and swim up to the bars inside the humongous pools alongside their opposite-sex counterparts.

But, what does this mean? Should I be happy about this? Should I be mad that Sandals once had a ban? Do I boycott Sandals or do I embrace it? After much thinking on the subject I have to go with my gut feeling and that is that I support progress and I also leave room for mistakes to be made and then corrected. In my opinion, Sandals has chosen the right path. To me it doesn't matter why it has now chosen the right path, be it pressure, money woes, politics, whatever, it has now chosen to accept all couples, not just "opposite-gender couples only", as it once said on the website. "Love is all you need" is the new motto, and that is OK with me.

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Desaray said...

you are supported by me too :)