Saturday, July 26, 2008

On the road again

Tonight is our last night in Tahoe and I am sad to say that it is also our last night without humidity. Can't wait to get back home and have to use a whole can of hairspray for my style to stick, step out of the shower and want to step right back in, and trudge through inches of rainwater in the middle of July. Ahhh, the Northeast, tell me why I live there again, yeah, didn't think you could, I don't know the answer either.

Anyway, I will stop dwelling on tomorrow, enjoy tonight and share some pictures.

I am most proud of my sister for 1. being an awesome mom, 2. being a kick-ass invitation maker, and 3. being my buddy. Here are some pictures of her and my little nephew.

Here we are waiting for the sun to set. B didn't make it into this picture; she was often the photographer.

More later.
Journal of an auntie


Amy said...

That could be the best fam picture ever! I really do love it.
Your sister is a great mom and she had a pretty good teacher.

Brenda said...

That Silas is so cute!!!

Auntie B.