Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All the things left hanging...

TA DA! My new favorite tablecloth. It could realistically be ribbons, but I choose to think it is a tablecloth or runner that I could actually find to put on our tables!

Updates: No dress yet. It is still languishing in Toronto while money changes hands and it gets ready for its long journey here. I don't ever purchase clothing without trying it on first, so it's pretty ironic that I am not only not trying this dress on first, but I am accepting that there is no return policy. Madness. And, it's my wedding dress! Some say that a wedding dress is the most important dress one will ever wear - not sure I subscribe to that thinking - but, it would be nice if the dress fit.

Updates, con't: No ring yet. I am not very happy with Kay Jewelers. Not only did a diamond fall out 2 months after the ring was put on my finger, it has been in the possession of Kay Jewelers since May 18. That's a long time. Yes, a long time for them to have MY ring. I have had many discussions with my 'problem solver contact' and she assures me that this is a normal time frame. Well, their 'normal' sucks. Supposedly a rush has been put on a rush with a rush on top of that, but I still don't have the ring...let's put a rush on it folks.

Updates, con't: my little kitten Frankie is barely a kitten anymore, in size. In attitude, he is a ginormous terror that never stops. Even while sleeping, I know he is dreaming about the next small object he can knock off a counter and lose forever in the abyss of small corners and little spaces in the house. "Where is my ____?" asks B, "I don't know, love, did you leave if laying out for the miniature beast to get" I say. Undoubtedly, miniature has lost many great things of value to us. But, for some reason he doesn't answer us when we question him. I think he may be just like those Russian tourists on the Lobster boat; not understanding the guides who are trying to teach.

He still looks pretty small in this picture, but that is just because Huey is massive. Don't be fooled. The cats love this new floor mat we have below the sink in the kitchen. They think it belongs to them. Fine, except if we are trying to wash dishes, run the water, do anything at the sink, they DO NOT move! We try as best we can to step over and around them but, without fail we end up kicking or stepping on one of them each night. Uggg, you'd think they'd learn....plus, they never pick up the cat hair they leave behind.

Frankie supporting his rainbow moms.

Journal of a wrapper upper.


Butch Jamie said...

I love this photo of the cats - it's like Frankie is Huey's little protege. I'm going to post it on my blog soon as well. I look forward to seeing more pics of those cute little blackies. What was that favorite joke of yours? That you have an inter-racial family?

BTW, Wolfe Video is going to do a photo shoot with me for the cover art next week. And they want me to pose with Huey! I'll have to tell them that he's not available :(

BTW, B's hair below is cute but I think she got the idea from Butch Jamie.

I hope you don't mind that I'm commenting on your blog. Next time I promise not to write a letter!

psychgirl said...

Frankie is fabulous!! I love little black cats.

psychgirl said...

Has B found a suit for the ceremony yet? We are having trouble over here. If you have any suggestions or good stores/websites, I would LOVE to hear about them!