Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Relay for Life

I am still recovering from sleep deprivation caused by the 24 hour Relay for Life. But, the event is filled with so much love and excitement and good work that it's hard not to feel that it's worth it. Our team is called the Earth Angels and so we don beautiful angel wings for the event.

We had a gorgeous display of baskets for our raffle and many awesome things to sell at our marketplace.

Rockband makes my hair stand on end.

B and I ran a Guitar Hero/Rockband/Singstar competition as a fundraiser. It was a success until our TV pooped out. B picked up where the games left off and played tunes for the rest of the day and into the night.

We met our goal of $12,000...and then surpassed it!

At dinner time we served grilled chicken, potatos, pasta salad and green salad to all the hungry mouths walking the track. Food is always a good way to raise money.

My favorite (and the most somber and beautiful) part of relay is at 9:00 pm when candles are placed in white paper bags reading names of people affected by cancer. The bags line the track and cast an eerie glow on us as we march silently around the track to the deep and familiar sound of a bagpipe band. This year I dedicated my relay to Aida, my brother-in-law's mother who left us too early.

We stayed awake through the night with the help of a campfire, s'mores and good company.

We watched the sun rise up and welcome us to a new day and a brighter future.

This year B and I became participants in Cancer Prevention Study-3. The purpose of CPS-3 is to better understand the lifestyle, behavioral, environmental and genetic factors that cause or prevent cancer and to ultimately eliminate cancer as a major health problem for this and future generations. The American Cancer Society's ultimate goal is to enroll 500,000 adults from across the county. If you are interested in participating, click here. C'mon, help out, it's easy!

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