Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bye Bye Babies

Our latest bunch of foster kittens have all found their forever homes. Bye, sweet babies.

Journal of an animalover


Brenda said...

Yeah!!! I loved fostering these little guys. So cute.

Journal of a ____ said...

I loved fostering them too! And they are the best photo posers. I've never had a cat, let alone 4 cats, that look good in pictures and sit still for me. These babies just sat there staring at me!

Butch Jamie said...

OMG - this pic is so adorable! It is incredible how they are all posed like that! You should send a copy to Animal Lovers to put on their website.

Journal of a ____ said...

Hello Butch Jamie!!!

I did send the pic to AL and they have all been adopted! They are such beautiful kittens. The woman who adopted 2 of them wrote a story for the newsletter and my pic was included.