Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yoga Master

I've never been much of a consistent exerciser. I love to walk and I love to participate in aerobic classes at the gym, but that's about the extent of my exercise regimen...and now that I don't belong to a gym (and haven't for 5 years) my only exercise comes from walking and sex (if you think sex is worthy of being called exercise, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't). Either way, I am not consistent in my exercise.

I also go through phases of exercising - I'll find something I really like such as kick-boxing and I will dive in, kick-box for a few months, and then kick-box myself right out of my phase.

My current phase is yoga. I am in love with downward facing dog and the sun salutations. I could downward dog all day long and I am proud to say that my dog is getting better and better. The dog and I are tight.

Journal of another phase? Hope not.

****UPDATE for my girl: Cobra

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Brenda said...

I kind of like cobra myself.