Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gone Smithin' - Class of '99

10 year college reunion = good memories. The many traditions of Smith College are the backbone of the school and whenever I return to campus they are the things that really stand out to me. I usually forget about them until I step foot on the beautiful grounds and begin to think about all the powerful and influential women who are Smithies. The school, the women, the faculty, the students, the programs, the feeling of Smith - it is all very inspiring.

It was appropriate for me to be there for a long weekend because I really needed it. I needed the inspiration, the love and the feeling of home. I've recently been dealing with failure and insecurity and a little bit of worthlessness that creeps into my consciousness every once in awhile. As much as the acomplishments of some Smithies can be daunting I find that the sense of community overcomes all inferiorities. To me, Smithies inspire.


The Ivy Day Parade -

Class of '44:

Class of '59

Class of '84

Class of '99

Commencement -

That's the commemcement speaker Tammy Baldwin '84 - First openly gay WI Congresswoman (see her WAY up there...our zoom is broken, sigh)

Hot Tubbing (ok, well, that's our new tradition) -

Illumination Night -

Class Photo -

We had such a good time that by the end B was an honorary alumna and she took the role very seriously.

Journal of a Smithie


Butch Jamie said...

OMG - we made it into the urban dictionary! I love that site.

I'm so glad you had the opportunity to go to this and that you had a good time. And you look great in those white pants! ;)

Smithies are inspiring, and you have been inspiring to me as well.

Anonymous said...

Mmm. East Heaven. I hope you got massages.

Eliza said...

i've been a reader since before the wedding and always thought you looked familiar. now i know why, and that i'm not crazy.

and thanks for the photos. it was fun to search for two of my best friends in the class shot.

Journal of a ____ said...

Hey Eliza!

Thanks for reading. I love connecting with fellow Smithies. My reunion was awesome - did you go to yours??


Eliza said...

i most certainly did and it was wonderful! i actually almost went to yours too, but was unable to work it our at the last minute.