Monday, December 29, 2008


A reprieve from all the honeymoon postings to introduce the new additions to our foster kitty household: The Kittens....

Kittens are very hard to take pictures of because they never stop moving. They aren't quite walking yet, but they do a combo walk, slide, crawl as they try to control their little legs. Bella is the mom cat and she had 5 beautiful little babies, all versions of her grey and white coloring . We don't know the sex of each yet because we just can't determine the difference between a sack and a hole ... it's harder than it sounds. So, the babies don't have names yet.

In other non-honeymoon related news B and I had a very mellow Christmas day here at Casa S (holy moly, I took B's last name and now we are B & L S! I've changed my driver license, my credit cards, my bank account, my paychecks and tomorrow I will get a new SS card. It's still sinking in but I like being unified. Hello, welcome to Casa S, I am Ms. S). On Christmas eve B surprised me by bringing home a Christmas tree! Things had been so busy that we hadn't had time to pick one out and as I was settling in for a long night's study session* it dawned on me that it was Christmas eve and we didn't have a single decoration in our house. Since B is such a wonderfully attentive wife, she realized this before I did and spent all morning (while at work) looking for a tree.

So my Christmas eve turned into a tree decorating party with the family. We turned up the Christmas music, drank spiked egg nog and had a gay old time (all cats were included in the festivities).

On Christmas day

we opened a few presents,

baked pumpkin bread

and B made peanut butter balls for my birthday.

We also saw the movie Milk

and spent some quality time in bed together (picture not available).

*Last Sunday I started the grueling study process for the California bar exam. Not fun. But, I somehow have to make a living when we move to sunny Cali., so why not practice law and make something of myself.

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Eva said...

Ummmm....when exactly are you moving to Cali??!? Gotta keep a girl informed over here!