Sunday, December 21, 2008

Honeymoon Part II

...we headed out from our room to discover the gorgeous pool with swim up bar located on our side of the resort. The resort really has two distinctive sides, the Caribbean Village and the Mediterranean Village. We stayed on the Med. side which is much newer (built in 2007), much more grand, much more hotel-like. I liked the newness of it but I also really enjoyed the ambience of the Caribbean side. We were greeted by this gorgeous scene when we approached the pool.

After swimming around a bit and drinking quite a bit at the swim up bar we decided to take advantage of the concierge service and make our dinner reservations for the week. Four of the nine restaurants require reservations. No reservations were available for the first night so we ended up at one of the no-reservation restaurants, Bayside. It was an open-air restaurant and had a gorgeous view of the beach and the ocean. This is an inside view and it seems that it's all we took of Bayside:

A little pond and waterfall just outside the restaurant:

We went back a few days later and climbed to a little balcony just to the side of Bayside and tried to get the two of us with the spectacular background:

After dinner we spent a short time at the bar and then headed to bed. I was in paradise: the perfect girl and the perfect setting!

Journal of a Happy Hanukkah!

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Brenda said...

Baby, this was the second best time ever. Our wedding being the first. Love you!