Monday, December 22, 2008

Honeymoon Part III

For the next couple of days we lounged by the pools, swam in the ocean and ate and drank a lot. It was difficult at first to get used to eating 3 full meals per day. But, we didn't want to miss out on any of the restaurants, so breakfast, lunch and dinner it was, everyday. Every evening we dressed for dinner, which was very nice.

**I know** not the best picture, but I love when B dresses up.

Our dinner the second night was at a teppanyaki restaurant - very good.

When we got in from dinner that night we found these little birds on our bed.

They were accompanied by a note wishing us a happy honeymoon and treating us to breakfast in bed the next morning! We were to fill in the menu choices and hang the note on our door to be picked up. So sweet.

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast brought to our room. We dined on our little balcony. What a way to start the day. My paradise was getting better and better.

By our second day we had discovered our favorite lunchtime restaurant: Barefoot by the Sea. Beautiful view of the water and deep deep beach sand to bury your feet in while eating.

We also discovered the great nighttime entertainment hosted by our friend Onika every evening after dinner. There were at least 2 Caribbean bands every night and most often some type of game or dancing. B and I love to dance, so we, of course got out on the dance floor when we heard "time to learn Caribbean dancing!"

Now, let me tell you a little about Sandals - the fame and fortune comes from running resorts for couples, straight couples only, until a few years ago. So, naturally we were the only lesbian couple running around that week. Most every game and activity Sandals does seems to be broken into girl groups and guy groups. We don't especially fit into these categories, but we play along anyway and B gets to be one of the guys.

So, 'How to Dance like a Caribbean' is split into girls and guys groups. We all learn the same moves as we stand across from each other and then are joined back up with our partner to shimmy down the center aisle together. FUN! Until there is a dance competition for "King" and "Queen". We decided to opt out because B didn't want to compete with the guys...she's so good she didn't want the resort to have to crown a "King" with boobies.

A few days later we didn't opt out when the Sandals version of the Newlywed game was played. Ahhh, yeah! Guess who won - yep, the lesbians. We were the only team out of 6 teams to get a perfect score. It helps when you talk to your wife about EVERYTHING. I knew exactly how to fill in the blanks when B was asked her favorite activity: putting her ____ on my ____. The lesbians squashed the straights in the Newlywed game. Squashed! I am sure the straights learned a thing or two from us. And, I was amazed to learn that so may guys like to put their "privates" on their partner's back. See, we can all learn something from each other if we just listen.

Journal of a curious lesbian


Desaray said...

*that* is hilarious.

Brenda said...

"Heli-copter, light'n, show 'ur belly!" hahahaha. Love the carribean dancing.