Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Honeymoon, oh rainy honeymoon

Honeymoon, oh rainy honeymoon, here we come.

B and I spent last evening packing. I don't like packing at all and I really don't like unpacking. I have a hard enough time trying to control all of my clothes from day to day. But having a large group of clothes sitting in a suitcase ready to be unpacked is pure torture. Until I met B my clothes would languish in piles for an embarassingly long time. Most of the clothes I wear everyday are dry clean only, this means that I can't simply throw them in the hamper. That would be easy, that would be quick, that would be do-able. But, I have to actually decide if they need to be hung up or taken to the dry cleaners, which I don't do (take them to the dry cleaners that is).

Enter the selective OCD of B. Once she starts something (that's the hard part) she does a tremendous, very detailed job of it. Lucky for me she has taken control of the laundry and my piles. Yipeee! B also just happened to have a dry clean at home kit. Love it. Love her. Now I don't have to pretend I am going to take my clothes to the cleaners anymore. My pile problems are slowly dissolving. Marriage is great!

A little good cheer:

This is really one of my favorite photos. Amy has been a part of my life since third grade and I love how this picture conveys her happiness for us and her acceptance of us. Amy and I have the kind of friendship that allows us to pick up the phone at any time, ask anything, tell anything and be whoever we are at the moment, even if we haven't talked in months. I like that. Amy is sweet, stubborn, level-headed and fighting, just like the rest of us, to make her life the best it can be, but most of all she is a loyal friend. I like that. Hi Aim!

Journal of girl who can't wait to have a bananarumcoconut deliciousmixedconcoction on the beach

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Oh and -- your photographer did an AWESOME job w/ your pics! Oh man!

Eva said...

hope you guys have a blast!

give a holler when you guys get back!