Saturday, December 27, 2008

Honeymoon Part IV

Happy Holidays to all those who celebrate any type of holiday during these cold winter months. On December 25 I just happened to celebrate four holidays: my birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah and my two month wedding anniversary. Happy celebration to all of you.

The honeymoon wrap-up continues...The only time B and I left the resort was for our shopping extravaganza in the little town of St. John. It turned out to not be such an extravaganza because 1. we didn't buy much and 2. the little town was VERY little. Our cabbie dropped us off and came back 2.5 hours later, about an hour after we were bored to death and hot and could think of nothing else but a drink of something cold and full of alcohol. We were glad to see him when he rolled up.

And that's it for the town.

Dinner that night was at my favorite restaurant, Mario's. They had delicious appetizers, salads and desserts. Mario's also had the best breakfast buffet at the resort.

mmmmm, a mimosa at breakfast...

And, of course B and I danced whenever we could (with other people):

and with eachother:

That's it for now!
Journal of an employed blogger (that's right, I got a job! yippee!)


Eva said...

hey hey hey!

awesome pics of the honeymoon! It looks absolutely incredible!

what's this about a job? does this mean you're staying in the area?


damn, girl... we gotta get together and catch up soon!

Brenda said...

I love dancing with my baby!

Loaf said...

Yay, honeymoon! I love reading all about it. My brother went to the same place for his honeymoon last summer and they had the best time; I'm glad you two did as well!