Friday, September 19, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Check Out This Movie!

"Butch Jamie is a quirky, gender-bending comedy about an out-of-work butch lesbian actress willing to try almost anything for a role. Dressing up femme for auditions, struggling actress Jamie Klein continually faces rejection as she fails to be a typical leading lady. Spurred on by her roommate Lola's successful cat actor, Jamie decides to take a different approach and audition as herself - aka "Butch Jamie". She immediately lands a role - as a man! Her misadventures on the set include unintentionally attracting the attentions of her sexy female co-star."

In a former life I was a short-lived movie producer and I have one movie to show for it. Butch Jamie is a hilarious and well-made film that goes on sale November 18! Please visit the official film website at: Butch Jamie also has a fun blog to read here.

Here are some fun facts about the film:

Butch Jamie is my ex
Her name is Michelle
The film was filmed at our former house and at my former law school
Howard the cat is my cat
He is the star of the show
His real name is Huey
He can meow on cue
I am in the film at various times, playing different characters
We took a trip to Los Angeles to shoot the scenic LA shots
We paid for the film ourselves
Michelle wrote the script
I cooked all the meals we served on set
People liked them
Michelle directed and edited the film
I have a love/hate relationship with the film
I love the film; I hated making it
It has screened around the world
I am very grateful to all the people that helped with the film
Michelle is a brilliant filmmaker
Albany, NY is pretending to be Los Angeles, CA
Some of the actors are wearing my clothes
I am the inspiration for the Lola/Howard dynamic
My sexy panties appear in the bathroom
The cat on the DVD cover is not Huey
Michelle did all her own stunts
We filmed in a local bar owned by one of the actors
The end result is a tremendous film

Journal of a proud mama watching her child go out into the world


kyana said...

You forgot the fact that your cousin (and my son) Nathan has a bit part in the film (and that Lilly & I were invited to be in the bar/restaurant scene but sadly didn't follow through and actually drive to Albany...boohoo...)

Butch Jamie said...

Hey - this is great! :) I enjoyed reading all of your fun facts (especially the one where you say I'm brilliant :D

I am so grateful for your involvement in the film as well, even though you "hated" making it. Good thing you're not in the film industry, as this really was the most relaxed and fun production I have ever worked on.

You of course had several other jobs on set, including all the production sound in addition to being the official "breast binder" for the scenes where I play Male Jamie. That was the toughest job of all!

Of course, Huey can not really meow on cue - he just meows so much that it's a very convincing illusion.

Desaray said...

I just watched the trailer and the part where Jamie is walking on paint cans will probably end up being the most I will laugh all day.