Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Breaking (my heart) News

Yesterday the California Supreme Court decided that my marriage was OK for the State of California but that that's enough - no more of this same-sex marrying stuff. So, the fight continues! We will continue to expel myths perpetrated by opponents, we will continue to live as out and proud gay persons, we will continue to be responsible, repectful and hardworking citizens, and we will continue to love each other even if we are not allowed to call our relationships a marriage.

Albany had a small but effective Day of Decision Rally yesterday. We stood in front of City Hall with our LGBT allies and friends and encouraged each other to get involved - the fight continues in California and it continues in New York.

A small snipit of what B and I actually said:

(uhhhh, technical difficulties - I'll post the news clip when I learn how to embed code)

Journal of a very important fight

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Brenda said...

Bummer about the news footage. The website doesn't have it up anymore, or at least we can't find it. I did DVR it so maybe we can post it late. I love you baby. Glad we are still married.