Friday, March 27, 2009

uh-oh, I officially have 2 legal names

This has recently been discovered by me:
Same sex marriage certificates, certificates of civil union or certificates of domestic partnership, whether foreign or domestic, are not acceptable evidence for recognizing an immediate name change for use in a U.S. passport.

Donald Henneberger, formerly Donald Smith, recently received a letter from the National Passport Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, denying his request for a name change on his passport. The center said it would not recognize a marriage license for a same-sex couple as proof of a name change. . .

There are two ways same-sex couples can get the name on their passports changed. They can submit documentation of a “court ordered name change,”. Or, they can establish “customary usage.”
Customary usage must be supported by documents showing the name has been used for a five-year period. In five years, a same-sex marriage license could be used as one of those documents.

"We are unable to comply with your request for a name change based on the documentation you sent because of the Defense of Marriage Act ...," the letter states.

Yesterday I completed all of my paperwork for my new passport with my new name. Today I can throw that paperwork in the trash can.

Journal of a person who has something to say to Clinton: Your little DOMA project has secured the government's right to discriminate against its citizens, even if you think discrimination has no place in American society.

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