Saturday, March 7, 2009

Perhaps you thought I fell in a snow bank and got stuck

Bullet point catch up:
  • Enjoyed 11 days of gorgeous warm weather and sunshine

  • Missed my wife

  • Took the grueling 3 day California Bar Exam

  • Survived

  • Visited with Mom, Michelle, Mey, Eamonn, Silas, David, Amy, Shannon, Brady, Maedell, Harold, Uncle Steve

  • Went for many many walks outside without freezing

  • Got heartwarming news that made tears run down my face, the good kind of tears that were uncontrollable and got caught in the corners of my smile

  • Realized how much I missed Los Angeles

  • Loved my morning walks to Starbucks, even better when my mom joined me

  • Ate real Mexican food

  • Spent a very fun but very long day at Disneyland and California Adventure

  • Shopped at Trader Joe's (oh how I miss TJ's) - thanks Michelle!

  • Celebrated my mom's birthday with shots of vodka, the beach, a play and family

  • Witnessed my nephew walking

  • Visited an open house - just a mere $2 million and the house could be mine

  • Confirmed that I am ready to make a big change and move to California again

Journal of [] me who is tired of wearing a wool coat


Anonymous said...

Glad your back and i'm sure B is too! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip though.

christina said...

hooray! we'd love to have you here in sunny los angeles! maybe you can be one of those lawyers who gets us our marriage rights back in CA someday...


Brenda said...

So, while L. was enjoying sun and fun at the beach, B. was freezing her azz off on a horse drawn sleigh ride with her family. Glad you had fun, baby.