Monday, March 16, 2009

I am trying very hard to make a comeback

I always like to have one major project to work on in my free time - something I can throw myself into and something that produces results. Sometimes it is a self improvement project such as studying for the bar exam, exercising or job searching. Sometimes it is a project for my enjoyment such as planning a wedding or planning a vacation. Some projects are shorter, even lasting only a couple of hours like quickly changing my image with a new hair color and new outfit. Some last a little longer like planning a surprise for B or planning a party (for Darcy!)

Right now I am embarking on two major projects, making a move across the country (and all the planning that comes along with something this HUGE) and starting a family (and all the planning and long talks and lists that are created for something this HUGE). The problem with these two monstrous projects is that I am not yet quite ready to start with either one. This means that I am searching for purpose every evening after work. I don’t like this. It means that I am unfocused, unproductive and most likely to just plop down in front of the tele and get sucked into some hour long police mystery. Hour after hour.

Last Wednesday I started working on this quagmire. I enrolled in a once weekly yoga class. This falls under the self improvement project category and the enjoyment category. I love yoga. I love the simultaneous mind and body workout/healing. But, once a week yoga isn’t really a very time consuming project. Twice a week, maybe, but that still won’t really quench my desire for a project.

This week I will continue to work on my problem. I have started composing a list in my mind of small projects that will carry me through the next few weeks - until B and I decide that it is the right time to start searching/applying for jobs in Cali and making a baby (just kidding on the latter, that comes after the move). My list isn’t all that fun and is composed mostly of cleaning projects. Much to B’s dismay (when she hears about this), one of the projects includes her and just happens to be the largest cleaning project (get ready, love).

What I like about cleaning projects is that the results are immediate and satisfying. Pick up that pile of papers, whaa-BAM, that spot is now clean; clean the dishes off the counter, boo-YAH, the counter appears; put my piles of clothes away, sha-ZAM, the bedroom looks bigger.

And now, some ideas for my creative summer project...someone has a baby on the way!!

Journal of a blogger (this blog is another project that could use a little TLC)


christina said...

i'm with project has been my veggie garden. we don't have to move across country {good luck with that!} but we are also pursuing the "make a baby" project...sooner, rather than later. we just have to wait for some test results, then it's a go...

yoga is something i need to add MORE of into my life...

good luck with the projects {i just told patty our next big project is to clean out the garage, because i don't want to do it pregnant!!}

KittyCat said...

Hi! Stumbled upon your blog looking for something else. I think your crochet work is great :) Wish I could make something as cute as the duck-spotted scarf, the sunny throw or the heart-shaped blankie for my baby!

I love yoga too haha