Saturday, March 21, 2009


Love my new purchase! I haven't bought a purse in say, 8 years, at least. I carry one everyday but I've always been too cheap to actually spend real money directly on a bag. I've gotten away with using the bags that come as part of my FREE gifts from Lancome and Clinique. I am still too cheap to pay full price and happy to report that I got this bag for more than 50% off. Awww, yeah!!

Since it was at such a deep discount, the internet seems to have removed all pictures of it. Just use your imagination and combine the pictures below. The first represents the style, the second the color. It even has a light inside! The most remarkable thing to me is that it has pockets, lots of them. While the FREE bags I've been using have been, well, FREE, they have a severe lack of pockets, forcing me to give them a thumbs down on functionality.

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N said...

Wow, the light in the bag is such a great feature! Who makes the bag?