Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend full of color

This past weekend brought with it intense humidity which made me feel lethargic and irritable. To me, humidity is like a thick blanket, thrown on me by my enemy, who then wraps it tightly around my body and duct tapes it so that I can't move and I can't get any relief from the heat. Humidity makes me want to cry. Throw in some PMS and I am a joy to be around. Surprisingly, my weekend wasn't all that horrible and a few people actually wanted to be around me (gasp).

Saturday evening B and I got a new rug for the living room. It's lush and soft and my feet love it. Even though it's summertime and I should be thinking light, airy, sea-inspired colors, I can't seem to kick my obsession with dark colors. And the rug is wool; not very summery. Plus, I just don't like sea-inspired colors. I like dark colors, earth tones and orange. Here is the new masterpiece.

To continue the weekend of fun we were having, B and I went to Albany Pride and surrounded ourselves with very colorful people. We even made custom t-shirts to show how artsy and rainbowish and gay we can be.

Journal of a color lover

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