Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A date, a date, a very important date

Our wedding date has been set: October 25, 2008! Yep, about 4.5 months. At this point I have no dress, B has no tux, we have no DJ, no caterer, no photographer, no person to marry us, no flowers, no guest list, no invitations, and if I forgot something, we don't have that yet either. But, I have found the love of my life and she plans to show up, so that is all that matters.

We will be getting married in my parent's garden/backyard. When I find some pictures of it I will post them, but it seems that my mom has deleted all the picture albums she ever sent me (what?, my mom needs internet help). I'll report back when I get to the bottom of this.

So far, the wedding planning has been very difficult - and I am just talking about agreeing on the location and the date (read above again and you will come to the conclusion that I haven't really done ANY wedding planning yet). B and I really wanted to get married in CA but we were struggling with the bicoastal thing - we live in NY, all of B's family is in NY...poses many problems. But, ultimately we have figured things out ... California and legality here we come! Hopefully the real wedding planning (which I should be doing right now) will be easier. Good thing my mom is an awesome mover and shaker because she will be doing lots and lots of stuff for us (thanks mom).

Here is my mom and my gleeful nephew.

And a gorgeous picture of my dad and Silas.

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And I LOVE every picture you posted. :)

N said...

Congratulations!!! Good luck with your planning. Join me over at Yes, I am recruiting same-sex couples one by one because I get lonely over there :)

Miss Gingerbread

Desaray said...

Congratulations! Setting the date is, like, the most important thing and the hardest! I'm about to post a tortured entry on this very subject.