Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And....now it is official

I can practice law all I want and even get paid for it...too bad I don't practice law. I should probably start. Any jobs out there - HELLO - calling all lawyerly jobs - HELLO.

Here are some pictures of my swearing in:

This one is a little dark, but you get the idea - I was sitting in a room full of people wearing suits.

This is the judge I work for. He gave a very heartfelt and inspiring speech (really).

B and I after the ceremony at the Empire State Plaza. B has lost over 20 lbs. She looks so great! And no, the diet hasn't affected her height, she has always been that short (the heels, however, have affected my height).

Unfortunately on a day when I should be incredibly mindful of the law I got 2 tickets! What? Yes, TWO tickets. The first was a parking ticket because I overstepped the bounds of the parking meter - yep, somehow I didn't put enough money in - when you only have 4 quarters, you only have four quarters, no matter how deep you dig in your bag, between the car seats, under the mats. It wasn't enough for the meter. But, I didn't have time to mess around, I had to get to my bar admission interview where they judged me on my fitness to practice law. I passed.

The second ticket came after the interview while I was speeding along the highway to get home, pick up my girl and speed back to the admissions ceremony. I don't know how it happened but I was caught going over the speed limit - fortunately the nice police man informed me of the appropriate speed - now I know, you learn something new everyday. But, I guess I looked cute enough for him to dig deep into his heart (or pants) and issue a ticket for failure to change address with the DMV. What? Guess he has the power to bring down my speeding ticket (79 in a 55, ouch!) to some administrative failure on my part. Power, gotta love it.

Journal of a (lucky) lawyer.


Tina-cious.com said...

Awesome, congrats!!

Now open a practice in Connecticut so I can be your paralegal! :)

Actually -- if you are interested in patent law... my company is hiring. :0

Eva said...


Can you handle traffic tickets yet?