Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Marriage Day, Gay People!

Today is the day that all counties in California start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples! Some counties started last night at 5:01pm, when the Court's decision took effect, but most waited until business hours today. What a historic time this is and I will be so proud to hand over my $39 to the clerk, place my name in the box labeled Party A and place B's name in the box labeled Party B.

Right now I miss Los Angeles so much I feel a nauseousness and a longing that is actually making my legs hurt (weird? Yes.) The Los Angeles County clerk's office is having a huge wedding event on Saturday and West Hollywood is having some big hoopla party with lots and lots of gays in attendance. I am just sad that I can't be there.

But, things are moving along with our wedding and we will be in California soon enough! We haven't officially booked anyone yet but we have chosen a photographer, a cake lady, a harpist, a caterer, and possibly a DJ. And I have chosen a dress! It will be shipped in about 2 weeks! Here it is:

Journal of a homesick girl


Brenda said...

Baby, you are going to look hott in that dress!

Amy said...

Is that a Maggie dress I see? You know how I feel about Maggie's dresses!!!!!!
The news here has been awesome. I can't wait to see you tie the knot.