Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 5 ++++

After walking on Beale street we headed through the backwoods of Arkansas and got caught in a huge rainstorm. It was so huge, we had to pull over at the nearest truckstop and spend some time playing cards and drinking bad coffee.

Later that day we made it into the Lone Star State and headed toward Dallas. Pretty uneventful except for our first sighting of a Whole Foods followed by a delicious meal of salad and sushi. I cannot stress enough how tired we were of food that automatically comes with fries and/or texas toast.

After spending the night outside of Abilene, we spent half of the next day trying to find Abilene and/or a cool ghost town. Nothing. Terrible waste of time and very trying on the nerves. So, we moved on to El Paso.

El Paso was easier to find than Abilene and that made us smile. But, that was about all that made us smile about El Paso. We spent some time downtown on a self-guided walking tour and saw some impressive old buildings. But, for the most part the city could use a little revitilization.

After El Paso we passed into New Mexico and had a beautiful drive into Las Cruces. We got off the highway and drove along a beautiful rural road connecting El Paso to Las Cruces. The mountains were gorgeous. And we passed over the Rio Grande.

We rolled into Las Cruces at dusk and passed through the old section of La Mesilla. It was quaint and very New Mexico-ish.

We had excellent Mexican food and MARGARITAS at La Posta.

The next day we found ourselves in Arizona and peered at awesome mountains all day long.

And then we peered at the outlaws in Tombstone, goofed around and visited the dead.

And then we hit Tucson and the suguaro! We love the suguaro!

Journal of a San Diegian

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Your lives make me sigh a happy sigh. :)