Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekend, con't


We bet the horses and won! The heat on Saturday was almost to the point of unbearable. Sticky, suffocating, inescapable - so we made the smart decision and decided to spend all day in it. Ouch! But, we had to. It was our friend's birthday and she was having festivities at the Saratoga Track. And she was providing drinks and snacks. The offering of drinks and snacks will get me to come to almost any event. So, we sweated for a few hours, made some dinky bets, cheered the horses on and then won! Then I drank more beer.


I surprised B with a trip to the local county fair. Once again, it was so hot we had to sit down every 10 minutes. It took us a LONG time to see the not so large fair. As soon as we got there I was ready to leave and come back again when the sun went down. But, since it was my surprise to her, I had to sweat it out. These are the things I remember: Heat, asphalt, fried foods, unsavory characters, unruly kids, untrustworthy rides, and stinky animals. The stinky animals were my favorite. I could hang out with sheep for longer than I care to admit. I really like them. And goats too.

The primary reason I surprised B with a trip to the fair was to see the main event: The Demolition Derby!

As you know, or can imagine, the object is to crash your car into the other cars and remain the last running car. It pretty much ROCKS! to watch. My only disappointment is that we didn't get slung with more mud.

To cleanse our systems from the bad food and general dirtyness of the fair I embarked on a journey to create Ani Phyo's Raw Sun Burger on Black Sesame Sunflower Bread. I also made the sun-dried tomato catsup and hot mustard to go on the burger. Delicious! We added sliced tomato and lettuce leaves.

Mine didn't look quite as good as this:

But not as bad as this!

Journal of (notwithstanding the above, the best part of the weekend was when B put the AC in the bedroom)

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greg said...

The Demolition Derby looks awesome!! I would love to go to one of those.