Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Flowers

Happy February!
In honor of the (commercialized) month of love and flowers I would like to introduce my budget wedding flowers. I laid down three Lincolns at Costco and got a stunning mixture of colorful roses.

Each guest was handed a rose as they lined up along the aisle. As I walked down I greeted each guest and collected their flower. It was a wonderful way to say hello to everybody and have each person be a part of the 'building of the bouquet'. At the end of the aisle my mom and sister helped bind the flowers with ribbon and viola, my bouquet was born!

Journal of a flower


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Brenda said...

I loved your flowers and the way we made your bouquet. So beautiful. Just like you.

RCJones said...

Hot damn, look at all that RCJones love! You've turned your blog into a gallery of one of my favorite weddings of all time. I loooooove it.

Angela said...

Hi there! I'm planning to have my wedding very soon and as I have seen your bouquet I like it. My bf wants a single color of flower accentuated to our wedding theme but I rather change my plan and I would go to a colorful one like yours, different colors seems to be playful and attractive to the eyes.