Friday, January 9, 2009

OK, about time for another honeymoon post

Alrighty, I've been a little sparse on the posts lately. Since nothing worth mentioning is happening around here, I will continue with the honeymoon recap.

One of our most romantic afternoons was spent with 2 other wonderful the Spa! B and I splurged on a couples champagne massage at the gorgeous Red Lane Spa.

After having a drink in the waiting area and changing into our robes we met our individual massesuses who led us to our couples massage room. The room was large and warm and had an awesome shower with lots of nozzles, a large bathtub and two massage tables. We were first treated to a body scrub that was supposed to make our skin beautiful - don't know if that happened, but the scrub sure took off a few layers of my less than beautiful skin to expose whatever was beneath. B enjoyed the scrub more than I did. The scrubby stuff is very sticky and coarse and so we had to rinse off in the luxurious shower. Very nice.

And then the massage....wonderful! Loved laying next to my girl and peering over whenever I had the chance. After the massage we headed over to the jacuzzi bathtub to snuggle, drink champagne and eat some fruit. But first our girls took some pics of us in the tub.

Now, it's kind of weird to have someone take your picture while in the bathtub with your sweetie and ever weirder when they give you directions and pose suggestions...

We then took the rest of our champagne out to the lounging area and took some time to relax and reflect. Here is the lounging area before we (and our beautiful new skin) arrived.

And after.

My favorite dining experience at Sandals turned out to be the beach barbeque. Not only was the setting awesome but it was the best food we had at the resort. A huge space was set with tables and chairs on the beach and another huge space was set up with the gorgeous buffet including huge grills for the chicken, ribs, fish and vegetables.

My absolute favorite dish was the paella - I went back so many times for more that the chef eventually demanded a picture with me. Check out that pan!

I was also lucky enough to have my picture taken with a pirate (a new take on half black half white).

All the pics of B and I at the barbeque bash turned out blurry. But, I thought I'd include one that will really hurt your eyes (you can even make it bigger to cause more damage!)

After dinner we played a game and won and then headed over to the entertainment area. Our winnings: a bottle of rum and sandals necklaces.

The entertainment that night was a fire eating/holding limbo act. Interesting.

Thanks for reading! Hi mom!
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N said...

Wow, that spa looks amazing. Love the posed bathtub shots. You both look so incredibly relaxed in the "after" shots!

Butch Jamie said...

That last limbo shot is crazy! It looks like a world record!

Brenda said...

I want to go back!