Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We lead ourselves everyday which direction will you lead yourself today?

I am so proud of my lovely B. Please read her story here.

Journal of a smile (what does his sign say, mommy?)


christina said...

awesome. you should be so proud!! her story brought tears to my eyes. i re-posted. more people need to remember that today is a symbol of the fact that we are second. class. citizens.

Anonymous said...

Kudos very moving and strong! Just be wary on your "MOM" comments. After all according to your blog you are thinking of being Mom’s soon too. Now is the time to educate are younger generation and old alike not use them as a laughing matter and joke about it. That would be like putting yourself at the very same level of the people who judge and ridicule you. I was so inspired until the “MOM” bit it was not all vital to the statement at hand